TracePro, designed and developed by AcmonData, is the most appropriate and complete system for production control and warehouse management, with Total Traceability Assurance for Bulk and Packaged Materials, Semi-finished and Packed Materials.

  It fully meets the requirements of the European Regulations. It works with all Enterprise Resource Planning systems (SAP, ORACLE, SoftOne, Altantis etc.).  

  The rich experience of AcmonData’s executives in production and warehouse management systems has led to the development of TracePro. This system has been developed to cover the needs and requirements for centralized information and integrated management of the production and warehouse of a modern production plant or distribution center, and to provide these enterprises with an integrated system of traceability. 

  With TracePro, automated collection, processing, management and evaluation of information from the production areas and warehouses of processing plants, distribution centers and retail outlets is achieved with the aim of increasing productivity and quality, ensuring traceability and reduction of production costs. It fully complies with the provisions of the European Regulations, providing the company with a flexible tool for compliance with electronic means and an integrated production / warehouse management system. 

This system is the bridge between the production/warehouse and the enterprise's core business accounting system (accounting program or central resource planning system - ERP).  

How do you reduce the cost of managing your business with TracePro? 

  • It provides accurate inventory control and FIFO - FEFO operations
  • You have a direct production management and productivity recording
  • It improves significantly the company's performance in the receipt of raw materials, storage and distribution
  • Inventory tracking online in real-time. With TracePro stock is always up-to-date and error-free.
  • It provides the possibility to immediately recall only problematic lots 

How does TracePro inspire your customers, with more confidence? 

  • The correct sequence of procedures and constant product quality is always provided. All productions always have the same quality regardless of the operator or the shift.
  • It increases the safety and quality of the products because it is a computerized solution for tracking any batch and any mix and helps you set the limits of your sole responsibility.
  • It helps the quality control and ensures compliance with the HACCP procedures.
  • It helps you comply with the EU regulations on food safety


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