Pick-to-Light Solutions

Pick-to-Light Solutions

Light up your Business with Acmon Data TracePro


When TracePro Pick-to-Light System is applied to the order picking environment, it enables an order picker to quickly and easily find the correct location by means of lights and LED displays. Each tag represents a product in the storage location. Besides guiding the picker to the exact location, the lights also display the precise amount ordered and requires confirmation while each item is picked. 


Put-to-Light System usually applies to the batch picking environment. It functions as Pick-to-Light in reverse. Once the items for the orders are batch picked in the warehouse and brought the Put-to-Light System. The picker will scan/input an item and all the locations that need that item will illuminate. The picker will distribute the item to each location and turn off the light. 

Pick-to-Light plus

Besides the TracePro Pick-to-Light System application, Acmon Data offers an advanced alternative solution providing 100% accuracy to the order fulfilment process when applied to the order picking environment. TracePro Pick-to-Light System is installed plus weighing checks at the beginning and at the end of the process. The user weights the empty box at the beginning of the picking process and an additional weighing check is taking place when the order has been collected. Thus, you eliminate the error of sending a box to your customer with a missing item.


  • Ethernet architecture
  • Easy installation and highest flexibility in location arrangement on shelf.
  • Versatility in different operating modes configuration
  • Wide operating temperature range (from -25°C to 40°C)


  • Paperless picking process.
  • Accuracy assured: virtually eliminate picking error, below 0.1%
  • Increasing flexibility & efficiency in the assembly line.
  • Improves quality and cuts delivery times. Increase picking productivity dramatically. minimizes the time spent by operators in selecting the pieces and ensures both quality and accuracy, avoiding downtime in the production line.
  • Making the complex, simple. Streamline the order fulfillment process.
  • Data control, easy to prompt the material shortage
  • Reduces tension in the components supply chain and allows successful adaptation to personalized production and delivery deadlines.
  • Faultless optimization. Optimizes order picking processes in warehouses and distribution centers, along with the supply of components to factory

Productivity & Accuracy

  • 12.000 order lines (picking-packing-weighing) in less than seven hours with 4 pickers
  • Maximum picker productivity: 650 order lines per hour
  • Net picking time per order line: 3.6 sec
  • Picking accuracy:98 % 
  • Order fulfilment accuracy: 99,99 % 

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