WMS is a necessity

WMS is a necessity

Acmon Data's TracePro WMS is the ideal solution when traceability (Track & Trace) is required at the level of individual packaging (sale of tobacco products, medicines, etc.), but also throughout the supply chain all the way to the last retail sales outlet.

Especially at the level of distribution, when the number of orders that must be executed is considerably large, the service time is just a few hours and a large part of the orders is carried out at the level of individual packaging. The number of unique identification codes of packages that must be recorded during the execution of orders in the average plant can exceed 50,000 IDs.

Orders must be processed by a flexible information system which, in addition to the classic PDAs, must support pick-to-light speedy order picking systems, as well as industrial vision machines which enable the speedy reading and recording of unique IDs, thus protecting operators from making mistakes.

TracePro embodies Acmon Data's many years of experience in warehouse management systems (WMS) and in automated supply chain management systems.

We recommend that a screen be installed at the location/shelf of every product code in the picking area at the distribution centre. Furthermore, a high-resolution wireless industrial camera must be mounted on the operator's picking cart. Orders that are to be processed by the ERP system are automatically transferred to TracePro.

When the operator picks an order, the quantities of each product code requested in the order are presented on the shelf screens. The operator goes over the packages with the camera, which simultaneously reads multiple unique IDs. Once all the items in the order have been picked and recorded, the system notifies the operator that they may proceed to the next product code.

TracePro ensures the speedy processing of orders on the one hand, and compliance with Track & Trace requirements at the level of individual packaging on the other.

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