Press Release - Three major new projects for Loulis Mills implemented by Acmon Data

Press Release - Three major new projects for Loulis Mills implemented by Acmon Data

The cooperation between Acmon Data and Loulis Mills has now expanded, after the recent assignment of significant new projects related to the state-of-the-art production plant in Sourpi, Greece, the new production plant in Toshevo, Bulgaria, and the Kenfood plant in Thiva, Greece, involving the implementation of TracePro, a MES application suite exclusively designed and developed by Acmon Data. 

The project at the Sourpi plant involved the design and implementation of a real-time integrated productivity management and visual inspection system which also covers the performance of machines and their subsystems for each production and packaging line. 

In Toshevo, Bulgaria, the project included the design and implementation of an integrated system for the automated labelling of bags (print & apply) and production recording. In this case, TracePro automatically records and displays in real time on the PC screen the quantity of packaged bags, enabling the monitoring of the line productivity at all times. 

The Κenfood plant was the first location where TracePro was implemented for production management, including recipe management, traceability, data collection, as well as warehouse management, from the receipt of raw materials to the distribution of products to the end customer. 

The most significant project, currently ongoing, involves the interconnectivity of the SAP system of the 3 existing plants (Kenfood, Sourpi & Toshevo) with the TracePro system. A data “bridge” between the 3 plants enables full, real time control of production, efficiency and cost accuracy. A project that significantly adds to full interconnectivity between the production plants of Loulis Mills enabling the Group to migrate to the new Industry 4.0 era.

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