METTLER TOLEDO’s Checkweighers now in ACMON DATA

METTLER TOLEDO’s Checkweighers now in ACMON DATA

METTLER TOLEDO's Exclusive Distributor of chekweighers widely known as Garvens, complement the comprehensive range of Product Inspection Systems solutions which ACMON DATA represents for many years.

The expertise and experience of the people of the Greek company, a member of the ACMON Group, its wide list of customers, the deep knowledge of METTLER TOLEDO's philosophy and technology, its specialized and well-trained technical department, but above all the mutually beneficial cooperation which has been cultivated over the years with the multinational giant, were some of the reasons why METTLER TOLEDO granted the exclusive representation of checkweighing systems in order to complete the services provided in the field of quality assurance and control of packaged products.

The Administration of ACMON Group welcomes its new child and pledges to exceed once again the expectations of both METTLER TOLEDO and its customers.

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