Make no compromises

Make no compromises

Having many years of experience and know-how in Industry 4.0 issues, both in the Greek and International Industry, Acmon Data offers customised traceability software solutions with the TracePro applications suite and with mechanical equipment for the inspection of food (packaged or in bulk).

The digital and automated assurance of traceability from the production stage to the completion of the production procedure is the alpha and the omega in ensuring the high quality of any product, especially if it is a food, considering that in this category compliance with HACCP, COOC, UC, IOOC ISO x, PDO, IFS, ΒΙΟ and other standards, depending on the country, is a necessary requirement for starting a successful business.

Furthermore, TracePro reduces the Management's response time in cases of problems, it significantly improves tracking report procedures and facilitates the application of operation standards. When quality data are automatically recorded at the laboratory, when each lot number is fully tracked from the time of receipt to the time of storage, and when any internal movement and circulation of the product until the moment of dispatch is inspected in real time, then quality assurance is a natural consequence.

The Mettler-Toledo Safeline is the only choice if one wants to ensure absolute quality, safety and homogeneity of the end product.

Small compromises in the choice of safety can have disastrous results for the product and the production company itself.

Acmon Data is the exclusive agent for Mettler-Toledo Safeline inspection systems. The British manufacturer’s metal and X-ray detectors are the leading product quality inspection machines worldwide.

The metal detectors can be adjusted to any product size, even to metallised film packages.

X-ray detectors are the only solution to the detection of metal, rock, glass, plastic and wood, high-density bones and even ceramics. And most importantly: they inspect the product itself for packaging deformations, being underweight, package sealing problems, etc. thus giving the producer full control over a product and ensuring the homogeneity of the end result, which is a very important element of success, especially in the food industry. 

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