Minerva Plant

Minerva Plant

Acmon Systems, a member of the Acmon Group, successfully completed the new state-of-the-art TOP vinegar production plant for Minerva S.A. Edible Oils & Food Enterprises in Schimatari. A fully-automated production plant from the receipt of wine to the delivery of vinegar for packaging, with a production capacity of 3000 tons per year, designed to the highest food safety and hygiene standards.
Making use of the latest technological methods of production and packaging, the plant ranks among the best in Europe, constituting a representative model of INDUSTRY 4.0 with an automation system which was implemented on a ΤΙΑ Portal platform by Siemens with the S7-300 series PLC, which undertakes the automation of the entire new production line.

In particular, an entire line of stainless steel tanks with a storage capacity of 200 cubic metres was designed for the receipt of wine, along with many smaller tanks for the receipt and storage of must, apple cider vinegar, rose vinegar, as well as semi-finished products of thick vinegar, etc. The suitable equipment was added in all stages of processing for the purposes of denaturation, acetification, pasteurisation, clarification, dilution and blending, and also for the production of special products such as balsamic vinegar.
All crucial parameters of production are monitored either from a single point of inspection or from any point where the operator may be located inside or outside the factory, allowing for operation in an environment that reacts in real time, and is flexible and adaptable, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and potentially 52 weeks a year.

In a statement, the Managing Director of Minerva S.A. Edible Oils & Food Enterprises, Ms Chrysanthi Bonou, stressed that “this is an investment that adheres to Minerva's investment strategy, which is aimed at constant growth while respecting man and the environment. The relocation to Schimatari and the complete modernisation of the TOP plant is in line with and confirms the leading position of our products on the market, with market shares of over 30%. At the same time, it provides significant opportunities to both expand production capacity and create new innovative products, and it also contributes to our further growth in the domestic and international markets”.

Through the advanced recipe management system of Acmon Data, member of the Acmon Group, which was implemented in the TracePro software platform, the plant owns a complete raw materials traceability system for tracking and recording lots throughout the production procedure.
When commenting on the new plant, the General Manager of Acmon Systems, Mr Kyriakos Metaxas, stated: “Minerva’s state-of-the-art plant serves as a reference point for Acmon Systems as a model project at the level of design, manufacture and automation, both in the Greek and international markets. Staying true to the provision of high-quality services, Acmon Systems has once again proven that it is at the forefront of developments in the field of technological sciences, offering its associates a global and integrated approach, and applying the strictest quality, hygiene and safety standards that need to be met by a food factory”.

In his comments. Mr Giorgos Kakogiannis, Technical Manager of the Minerva S.A. plant, stated the following with regard to Acmon Systems: “We worked closely with Acmon Systems from the very first day of the project.  It was a demanding project, both in terms of the timetable and in terms of the quality of deliverables. The collaboration resulted in the creation of an automated vinegar and seasoning production plant with high quality and safety standards. Through the TracePro recipe management software, we have achieved the traceability of raw materials and processing materials, while the detailed planning of the procedure has led to an increase in daily output and a decrease in the cost of production. With its know-how, Acmon Systems’ contribution to the fulfilment of our goals was decisive. Our new vinegar production plant fully serves the purposes of the company's growth plan, both in the Greek and international markets”.

A few words about Acmon Systems
Acmon Systems is an engineering company with a fully-organised manufacturing department certified to the ISO 9001 quality system. It offers Industrial Solutions and has substantial experience of over 27 years. Acmon Systems designs, develops and provides reliable systems that satisfy its clients’ demand for turnkey projects, while also offering full technical support and after-sales service.

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