Labor Management

Labor Management

All sizes of manufacturing companies have now the capability to leverage their workforce and achieve maximum profitability

For the manufacturing industry the workforce management is too crucial. Informed and well guided personnel play important role in the overall execution of manufacturing operations.

As part of a suite that control the execution of manufacturing operations as well as the overall workflow and job management, TracePro help production supervisor to plan, schedule, and assign jobs to personnel. Also, TracePro provides the capability to assess the impact of personnel on jobs by operation, role, asset and product. This capability advice production supervisor optimizes the allocation of workforce and their contribution.

The assigned jobs and subsequent tasks are shown in appropriate device (portable or fixed industrial data terminal), in plant floor. These devices are used both to guide the employee step by step in the execution of the assigned job/task and to collect and record real time the employee's working time for each task of the assigned job.

TracePro Labor Management provide management with the tools to clearly see what is happening at each facility, department, production line, machine, and cost center, they can identify all discrepancies as they occur and make adjustments to increase efficiency and profitability. Also inform management real time about the time spent in each cost center, by each employee for each assigned task.


  • More efficient and clear management of labor requirements
  • Effective placement, of the appropriate staff in each production activity (availability check)
  • Over labor costs, Work in Progress (WIP), and administrative costs can now be controlled
  • Know your labor costs for each produced product
  • Compliance with union, government, corporate, and customer regulations
  • Achieve optimal use of your existing workforce
  • Ensure that timesheets are accurate
  • Reduction of your production costs


  • Ensure maximum productivity by providing correct information to your staff
  • Personnel roles, responsibilities, and qualifications/classifications management
  • Optimize the level of required resources and their allocation
  • Reduce lead time by measuring and reducing indirect time that doesn't add value to the product
  • Increase plant-floor efficiency by improving labor utilization
  • Improve the scheduling of your staff with the correct data, so production lines can start on time
  • Automate the time-off and leave requests and their approval processes
  • With management job costing information and budgeting you can improve the productivity

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