Job Management

Job Management

The challenge of getting the job done on time, with low cost, has now a solution

For manufacturing companies completing jobs (works/production orders) on time is very critical. Cost is important. Profit is necessary. The challenge is getting jobs done on time, at a price that provides value to the customers and profit to the company from every job. TracePro Job Management is the solution to make sure that happens.

Usually manufacturing companies use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage jobs (work or production orders). Production planning based on customers demand and sales forecast for individual products. But there is a gap between planning jobs and their execution from manufacturing resources. This gap causes wasted time and significant delays in the fulfillment of jobs. Also this mode of operation requires a lot of paper work (printed work orders, handwritten confirmation of work orders at each work center, type of confirmed orders in the ERP).

TracePro Job Management is the ideal solution. Bridging the gap by providing an intelligent, well-coordinated, bidirectional data exchange between the planning systems and execution systems.

TracePro has the capability for planning, managing, and executing jobs. Jobs can create directly from the TracePro or downloaded from ERP. Each job can further break down into operation-specific entities (staging, weighing and mixing, assembly, quality inspection, packaging, storage, etc.). These operations downloaded to plant floor devices (portable or fixed industrial data terminal, machines, etc.) for execution. These devices also used to collect real time the job confirmations.

Current and historical job information is available at any department in the company (production, sales and marketing, operations, management etc.), directly from TracePro reporting system or from the ERP.


Business Benefits 

  • The effectiveness of planning and scheduling is improved
  • It provides real time insight into production progress at the ERP level
  • Inventory turns and material usage is optimized
  • Reduction of WIP, rework, and scrap
  • Reduction if the overall production lead time
  • Customer satisfaction is significantly improved

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