Data Collection and Analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

TracePro Data Collection records actual data about states and processes within a factory. Quality data, personnel data, job data, machine capacity, materials consumption, stock data, maintenance data are captured automatically from PLCs, sensors, controllers, data terminals and recorded real time into a database.

TracePro Data Collection records machine data, such as operational cycle time, idle time, setup time, downtime and more. Also records all key staff and operations-related events via data terminals, Such as staff and job data as well as data on machine use, process status and quality.

Real-time dashboard displays current production lines, machines, devices, jobs, operations and personnel status. Password protected access for engineers, supervisors and managers to the dashboard from any networked PC. Via the Internet and VPN the status of the plant floor can be visible from anywhere in the world.

TracePro Data Collection reporting and charting options convert the volume of historical data into concise reports and charts to identify issues and drive improved productivity.

All the data stored into the TracePro database can be transferred to an ERP system. There are communications drivers for the major ERP systems (ex. SAP, Oracle)

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