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TracePro Data Collection records actual data about states and processes within a factory. Quality data, personnel data, job data, machine capacity, materials consumption, stock data, maintenance data are captured automatically from PLCs, sensors, controllers, data terminals and recorded real time into a database.

TracePro Batch is a flexible batch execution and analysis software (cooperate with Siemens WinCC and other SCADA software which support OPC server), designed to automate batch-oriented production processes, reduce costs, increase quality and boost profitability. It also designed to address specific FDA regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11.

An important tool for manufacturing companies with major impact on the productivity of a process

Based on the recorder data (operating time, downtime, alarms etc.) of each device, TracePro calculates the availability of the equipment and issues the corresponding reports and graphs for:

The challenge of getting the job done on time, with low cost, has now a solution

All sizes of manufacturing companies have now the capability to leverage their workforce and achieve maximum profitability

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