X-Ray Inspection Systems

Today, the food and pharmaceutical industries rely on innovative technologies to facilitate business critical operations, production processes and meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In Acmon Data we guide manufacturers by developing effective X-Ray solutions to contaminants and monitor the consistency of product presentation and quality.

X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Products

X-ray inspection systems provide reliable contamination detection within products in a wide range of retail packaging.

  • Packaged Applications

    A wide range of primary and secondary retail packaging can be inspected, regardless of shape and packaging material.

  • Contamination Detection

    A wide range of primary and secondary retail packaging can be inspected, regardless of shape and packaging material.

  • Product Quality Checks

    X-ray systems can simultaneously detect contaminants, measure mass, check fill levels, detect product trapped in the seal, detect missing and damaged products at high production line speeds.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Safeline designs energy efficient and adaptable x-ray systems ensuring a future-proof investment and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Glass Container X-ray Inspection Systems

X-ray systems for glass containers offer unsurpassed physical contamination detection, even in blind spots such as the base of the container.

  • Glass Container Applications

    Safeline x-ray inspection systems offer reliable detection of glass-in-glass and other dense contaminants within a wide range of glass containers, ensuring complete product safety.

  • High-speed Inspection

    Glass-in-glass x-ray detection systems automatically detect and reject contaminated glass containers from the production line, at high line speeds.

  • Product Safety and Quality Control

    X-ray systems are capable of simultaneously performing a range of inspection routines for glass container applications, such as contamination detection and quality inspection eg fill level inspection, cap inspection etc.

  • Improved Container Inspection

    Angled or multiple x-ray beams options can optimise detection in the base, neck and sidewall of the glass bottle or jar by reducing inspection blind spots.

X-ray Inspection of Canned Foods

X-ray inspection equipment provides outstanding contamination detection with complete quality assurance for food packaged in cans.

  • Canned Food Applications

    Detection of contaminants including metal within food, beverages and pet food packaged in a variety of metal cans.

  • In-line Quality Checks

    Product integrity checks, such as monitoring fill levels and detecting damaged cans, can be performed simultaneously to contamination detection.

  • Increased Probability of Detection

    X-ray systems for metal can inspection offer complete inspection coverage, increasing the probability of contaminant detection.

  • Easy Line Integration

    Canned food x-ray systems simply straddle existing production conveyors and take up minimum line space, providing quick, easy and cost effective inspection.

X-ray Inspection Systems for Unpackaged Products

Safeline's x-ray detection equipment provides unrivalled contamination detection in unpackaged food products.

  • Unpackaged Applications

    Inspection of unpackaged food such as burger patties (meat, poultry, fish or vegetarian) and other frozen-formed products as well as pumped and bulk applications.

  • Contamination Detection

    Food x-ray inspection systems are specifically designed to detect unwanted contaminants within the product, regardless of their shape or location.

  • Reducing Food Waste

    X-ray machines placed early in the production line ensure contaminants can be removed at the source before further value is added, reducing food waste and saving costs.

  • Complete Quality Assurance

    Safeline's x-ray systems deliver high detection sensitivity ensuring accuracy, reliability and ease of operation for all unpackaged products.

X-ray Systems for the Inspection of Bulk Foods

Bulk x-ray equipment provides outstanding physical contamination detection and quality control in bulk-flow (loose) food products prior to packaging.

  • Bulk Food Applications

    Inspection of bulk, loose and unpackaged conveyorised food products, typically nuts, cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat and pet food, before processing and packaging.

  • Improved Sensitivity

    Detection sensitivity is increased due to a homogenous layer of product during inspection, ensuring easy contamination detection.

  • High Throughput Capabilities

    A troughed belt and adjustable levelling plates retain product on the belt, minimising spillage and improving the transport of the product at a constant depth at high production speeds.

  • Minimum Product Waste

    Bulk food products are inspected and the non-conforming portion is removed via multi lane reject systems before further value is added.

Pipeline X-ray Inspection Equipment

Pipeline x-ray systems provide unsurpassed contaminant detection in pumped products (typically meat and poultry), slurries, semi-solids and fluids.

  • Pipeline Applications

    Food x-ray inspection of slurries, semi-solids and fluids in meat and poultry, dairy and bakery products.

  • Superior Food Safety

    Pipeline x-ray inspection systems deliver outstanding detection of contaminants such as calcified bone, glass and metal plastics protecting consumers and helping manufacturers avoid product recalls.

  • High Inspection Throughput

    X-ray equipment for pumped foods is capable of inspecting food products at a rate of up to 18 tonnes per hour, dependant on application, without damaging the product.

  • Reducing Food Waste

    X-ray systems for pumped food are typically used to inspect products at the early stages of production thereby minimising food waste and saving costs before more value is added to the product itself.

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