Weighing Systems

All Acmon Data industrial weighing systems can operate as standalone systems or in connection with software such as ERP, WMS, etc. They can also be combined with the Acmon Data TracePro Warehouse Management suite (WMS) and the Manufacturing Execution suite (MES). Interconnection is fast and easy, at any production stage or time you choose.

Weighbridge Solution

  • High-quality equipment for weighbridges that are fixed, movable or recessed
  • Automatic bars and traffic lights
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • System operating either automatically or with an operator (access cards, RFID tags, Kiosk Printer scales, etc.)
  • Real-time load monitoring through a weighing terminal
  • Interconnection through the easy-to-use Trace Pro weighbridge management software that integrates all stages of the process: pickup, delivery, internal load handling, etc.

Manual Dosing

  • High-quality adjustable weighing equipment that ensures unhampered operation in the most demanding industrial environments
  • Supports horizontal, vertical or batch recipe execution
  • Consumption record
  • Weighing equipment and software integrated solution
  • Standalone operation, in connection with other systems or as part of the TracePro MES system
  • Accurate recipe execution, FEFO, and traceability guarantee

Weighing Scale Labeling

When processes such as raw material pickup, production, packaging or delivery have to be completed on-scale due to the nature of the products, there is often a need for on-site printing and labeling.

  • Integrated solution with weighing equipment and software
  • Automatic weight calculation
  • Label printing with all required data (descriptions, ingredients, nutrition charts, net and gross weight, batch, barcode, etc.)
  • For primary and secondary packaging

Sample Weight Check

During the production process, there is often a need to record sample weighing or to fill up to a certain weight target.

  • Integrated solution with weighing equipment and software
  • Automatic weight calculation
  • Data collection
  • Easy reporting process
  • Easily operated system

Sample Validation Check for e-Mark certification

After their final packaging, products of constant weight are reweighed to get an e-Mark certification and comply with the EU directives. This can be achieved either by weighing the whole production volume using a checkweigher or, alternatively, through manual sample weighing.

  • Connection with up to 5 weighing scales. Capacity up to 10 products simultaneously, for immediate control of multiple production lines.
  • Automatic weight calculation
  • Data collection in compliance with the 76/211/EEC directive
  • Easily operated system
  • Quick installation

Tank and silo weighing

Installation of load cells in tanks and silos is crucial to manage inventory and ensure raw material quality. Load cells are designed by our team of engineers and then installed, offering multiple advantages such as:

  • Accurate inventory control
  • Simple weighing or embedded ERP data feature
  • Full compatibility with TracePro WMS for complete inventory management
  • Conversion of a preexisting or new tank to a weighable tank
  • Digital weight display
  • Easy raw material pickup

Item counting along with weighing

Loading and unloading of products that are difficult to be counted per item become simpler and easier using our item counting systems.

  • High-precision counting during loading and unloading
  • Deadweight management
  • Variety of weighing equipment
  • Label printing
  • Full compatibility with TracePro WMS for complete inventory management

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