Weighing means being precise, having the absolute control and the Optimum result.

Weighing means being precise, having the absolute control and the Optimum result.


  The department consists of a team of experienced, specialized and highly qualified engineers, responsible for consultation, development and implementation of weighing solutions for a variety of applications. Acmon Data provides innovative and technologically advanced industrial systems offering individualized solutions for receiving, material handling and goods dispatching, for the production process, as well as for the shipping and storing of the final products.

  Coupled with extensive expertise and know-how, Acmon Data serves as a point of reference in the implementation of highly technological solutions to all the members of the Acmon Group. Acmon Data has been operating in the industrial field in the Greek and Global Market for more than 15 years and established this division to facilitate more demanding client requirements such as flexible and tailored solutions, being capable of serving a wide range of business areas with proven results.

  A full range of weighing solutions are developed for raw material reception, production processes and goods transfer, storage and dispatching in industrial plants with optimized control.

Raw materials reception

  1. Through a system of one or more weighbridges
  2. Through a system for weighing pallets such as pallet scales or fork lift weighing systems
  3. Crane scales systems
  4. Via belt conveyors using highly efficient belt scales technologies
  5. Via in line weighing systems with the use of impact, net and continuous weighers


Production processes

  1. Statistics - Sample quality check of packaged or pre-packaged goods
  2. Dynamic weigh control, handling and monitoring of packaged or pre-packaged goods
  3. Additives management
  4. Scrap management in a wide range of industries
  5. Data collection of the entire factory’s weighing systems, production and processing machines
  6. High level and trustworthy traceability through the whole production process
  7. Vehicle on-board weighing systems


Goods storage and dispatching

  1. Statistic - Sample check of finished products
  2. Dynamic check of finished goods
  3. Storage and shipping management of finished goods
  4. Labeling
  5. Dimensioning and weigh check for the products to be stored

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