Pharma & Chemicals

Pharma & Chemicals

High standards, high precision and a strict environment in the manufacturing process of medicine, cosmetics and chemicals are just a few of the factors that make WM (Warehouse Management) and ME (Manufacturing Execution) systems essential in the daily life of the industries. Such systems allow oversight of all procedures aimed at enforcing health policy standards and regulations, while guiding staff on it. Through the many studies and analyzes that have been done in the pharmaceutical industry by Acmon Data’s executives, we are able to provide computerized solutions for warehouse and production process, providing total traceability and other functions through our TracePro suite, one of the most advanced Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Execution systems in the market.


  • Full inventory management
  • Total traceability management
  • Staff efficiency improvement
  • Automatic batch number creation
  • Response time reduction
  • Reporting & monitoring improvement
  • Operational standards enforcing
  • International & domestic standards compliance
  • Quality control assurance
  • Paperwork elimination
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