Requirements on the dairy industry are increasing daily as is the need for detailed monitoring of products. Detailed tracking of each batch is not only an obligation under the law, but a process that will build customer confidence to the company, while ensuring the least possible damage in the event of recall of a contaminated product. Acmon Data’s TracePro, a specialized WM (Warehouse Management) and ME (Manufacturing Execution) system which provides total traceability, is the right tool to track the produced batches at all stages of dairy production. TracePro is also a specially designed data collection system which can effectively help find the "bottleneck" of a production process that delay a production line or lead to many non-compliant products. With TracePro is now easy to track and trace what happened at all stages of the produced batches of your production.


  • Full inventory management
  • Total traceability management
  • Staff efficiency improvement
  • Automatic batch number creation
  • Response time reduction
  • Reporting & monitoring improvement
  • Operational standards enforcing
  • International & domestic standards compliance
  • Quality control assurance
  • Paperwork elimination
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