TracePro - Bakery and Pastry application is designed and developed by AcmonData and it's the smartest integrated application for companies which are specialized in production of any kind of bakery, pastry or similar products.


Raw Material Handling

  • Reception management directly from weighbridges for bulk raw materials
  • Reception management with PDA’s with barcode technology for packaged raw materials
  • Purchase order check
  • Automatic Lot Number Creation for full traceability
  • Putaway procedure in the raw materials storage areas or silos/ tanks etc
  • Reception Management of packing materials


  • Automated data collection from production machines, weighing systems etc.
  • On line – real time information from all the production processes
  • Handling and checking all the consumption of raw and packaging materials
  • Full control and reporting of the staff efficiency


 TracePro splits the production order automatically between Dosing Control Unit and Manually Dosing Stations


 TracePro correlates the results into a detailed batch report with the actual consumptions and Lot No of every material (total traceability)


 TracePro creates the “genealogy tree” for every semi-finished or finished product (total material traceability)


Dosing and Mixing

  • Real time connection with the automation and weighing systems of the factory
  • Create or import production orders and production scheduling
  • Create or import production recipes
  • Automatic execution of the production orders
  • The whole production process is fully controlled in connection with PLC, dosing units etc

Manual Dosing Control

  • Step by step instructions for the execution of the recipe. Easy to use, designed to be used by production personnel
  • Support one or two platform scales per dosing station
  • Records all the raw materials that are used for the specific recipe, lot numbers, quantities in real time
  • Upload the production orders from the ERP
  • No papers, no mistakes


Staff and machines efficiency

  • Information about the time that consumes every employee for each job
  • On line-real time information for all the activities in the production and warehouse area
  • Compares real data with forecast
  • On line and real time reporting about the efficiency of each machine (real working time, downtime, out of order time etc)


Quality Assurance

  • Automated recording of all the quality data, especially for those that are critical for the quality of the finished product
  • Records all the deflections of the production recipes and notifies with alarms the quality manager
  • Records all the deflections of the production requirements and notifies with alarms production manager


Business Benefits

  • It provides accurate inventory control and compliance with FIFO - FEFO procedures
  • Direct recording of the production and productivity.
  • It improves the performance of the company during the receipt of raw materials, storage and distribution of products
  • Online/real time inventory tracking. With TracePro stocks are always updated and error free
  • It provides immediate withdrawal, ONLY for the problematic batches
  • The correct sequence of procedures and constant product quality is always provided
  • It increases the safety and quality of the products because it is a computerized solution for tracking any batch and any mix
  • It helps the quality control and ensures compliance with the HACCP procedures
  • It helps you comply with the EU regulations on food safety

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