Warehouse Performance Management


Industry-Specific Dashboards Enable You to Monitor Performance and Adjust Processes Accordingly

You've got operational data, alright. You're collecting data left and right but perhaps you're unsure how it's all benefiting your business? How do you put all of that valuable data to work for you? What about putting it into graphical, easily interpreted, actionable information that actually enables you to monitor performance and adjust processes accordingly? 


HighJump™ Performance Advantage for the warehouse combines the latest graphical dashboarding technology with industry-developed standards to produce real-time and comparative dashboards using your own data from the HighJump supply chain management software suite and other business systems. This can empower your team with timely, meaningful information to enable significant process improvements.


Benchmark Your Performance Over Time

  • Track industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) over time to monitor and improve performance
  • You may also build and incorporate your own company-specific KPIs
  • Drill down to perform root cause analysis when a KPI is below an expected performance threshold