​HighJump Software

Warehouse Management for Large Warehouses, Distribution Centers or Multiple Warehouses 


The HighJump Warehouse Management System

Configurable and Scalable:
Available On-premise or in the Cloud

To optimize warehouse and distribution operations, you need to manage all of your resources effectively: Space, inventory, equipment and people. Selecting the right warehouse management system (WMS) can accomplish this and turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage that adds to your bottom line.

With the configurable and scalable HighJump WMS, you don't have to guess what your business needs will be next year or worry about growing faster than what your solution can handle. It will meet your exact business needs today and for years to come.

Robust Functionality

The HighJump Warehouse Advantage warehouse management system (WMS) provides a best-of-breed solution for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping, and more. Real-time data helps increase productivity, improve customer service and collaboration with partners, and can lead to up to 99+ percent inventory accuracy. The solution supports companies around the world in some of the most complex and regulated industries.

Adaptable Solutions That Differentiate Your Business

While the robust standard functionality of HighJump Warehouse Advantage leverages best practices to meet many of your immediate and comprehensive operational needs, the best solution must also successfully address the unique and ever-changing business and customer requirements that empower you to deliver enhanced value to your customers.

Rather than requiring you to change your business to fit the software, HighJump Software is the only supply chain execution company that has created a core architecture that empowers you to easily adapt the system to meet your specific needs—without the use of custom code—in a fraction of the time of conventional systems, and at a fraction of the cost. And because all changes are external to the core software, upgrades and support are not compromised. This helps ensure low total cost of system ownership.

Why the HighJump WMS?

  • Configurable workflows that can meet your unique business and industry needs
  • A foundation of best practices from a best-of-breed, global leader
  • Low total cost of ownership 

HighJump WMS in the Cloud

Is your IT team already overloaded with responsibilities? Are you worried about raising capital for a WMS installation? Is it hard to keep up with the latest version of your software? Then a cloud-based WMS may be the answer.

With a cloud-based WMS, HighJump Software hosts the WMS application and hardware infrastructure. You can access the WMS via a Web browser and gain the functional benefits of a new WMS without the up-front costs and IT drain. This can significantly reduce labor costs and free-up IT resources.

The HighJump cloud-based WMS also gives you:

  • WMS functionality based on the same code base as the on-premise tier 1 solution, so you will benefit from the same product enhancements and new features regardless of the deployment model
  • Faster implementation times because no lengthy installation process or hardware infrastructure set-up is needed
  • An elastic and scalable solution that allows you to access more power when you need it for seasonal changes or spikes in demand

The HighJump App Station

Much like adding an app to your smart phone, the HighJump App Station™ allows you to browse new functionalities and add only the ones you select to your WMS. This gives you the ability to take advantage of new features and functionality as soon as they are available and maximize WMS adaptability without the need for any custom coding or workflow interruption.

With the HighJump App Station you can:

  • Access a steady stream of new supply chain innovations
  • Maintain only the functionality you need
  • Keep scheduled upgrades quick and simple
  • Personalize new apps without disturbing existing workflows
  • Add functionality without costly, time-consuming custom coding