Our company

AcmonData is an innovative company fully specialized in the development and implementation of information systems for production control and warehouse management. Established in 2003, concerning the development, installation and ongoing after sales support for special applications in the Greek and International market. Offers a range of products and solutions with integrated systems (hardware and software), covering a wide range of applications targeted to the demands of modern production and storage of any kind of company.

Our group

AcmonData is a member of the Acmon group whose companies provide comprehensive industrial solutions in both Greek and international market for over 25 years. Despite the difficult economic conditions in the Greek and international market, Acmon Group has financial strength thus ensuring customer's investments and eliminating any financial risk. Both in terms of manpower and the necessary working capital the customers of the Group Acmon can feel safe throughout the course of cooperation with us.

Our vision and philosophy

We commit towards our customers thus we implement an advanced model. Our relations with our customers are built on a stable customer-oriented basis so the classic model "client-supplier" becomes "partner - partner" and as a result this leads to a win-win cooperation. The benefit from this cooperation is the creation of a valuable product which translates into additional value for our client's products therefore the return of any investment is immediately and unquestionably enhanced
AcmonData aspires to lead in the field of industrial solutions, connecting her name with any kind of information solutions for the production and warehouse for all kinds of industries.

Our international presence

Apart from the successful presence in the Greek market, AcmonData operates directly and throughout a network of partners in numerous of neighboring countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland etc. but also in far more distant countries such as Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan etc. Our international presence is steadily growing in most countries with more and more installation each year.

Our facilities

The premises of Acmon Group are located in the Industrial Area of Inofita on its private owned buildings. The total area of our establishment is 12.000m2, out of which the 2.500m2, is the building of our company. The building has the workshop for the manufacturing of the metal constructions, the electronics' workshop, the electricians' workshop and the spare parts – raw materials warehouse. Finally in the building are also the offices for the sales and engineering department. AcmonData has a branch office in the area of Maroussi (Attica) also.

Our structure and certifications

AcmonData applies Total Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008 by TUV Austria. We have established modern procedures of internal auditing according to international standards of management. We are also Microsoft Certified Partner and the information system TracePro has officially received from Microsoft the "Compatible with Windows® 8" certification.

Apart from the financial department, administration services and sales department, AcmonData features the analysis department which is responsible for the design of solutions in accordance to customer needs and the technical support department. Alongside is continually investing in research and development of new products.