Track & Trace Software

In production and logistics of many types of products, track and trace, concerns a process of determining the current and past locations (and other information) of one or a group of goods. This can be done by using barcode (or RFID) technology. For some industries such us food & beverage, packaging materials, transportation etc, it is very important to know in real time where is a group of good and all the past steps and location until this point. This together with other information's (user, time etc) ensures total traceability, and gives the company all information's that is needed to be compliance with regulations and customers requirement.

Since is very important all track and trace process to be in real time, it is very important to track all steps directly in the field and not to be entered in the system later. To do this, correct barcode marking of the goods is necessary so can be scanned in every step of the transport with special equipment that the users will have.